The barn is a typical 19th century dairy barn in its design but larger than average for this region.  Almost all older dairy barns in Delaware County were built into slopes that allowed for hay wagons to be driven onto an upper bridgeway where hay bales could be dropped into two vast haylofts, and then lowered again to ground level stalls where milk cows lived their entire lives.  The cows have been gone for 50 years. The posts and beams of the barn are hand-sawed hemlock.  Today the haylofts are entirely open, well-lit by fixtures above and by windows that we have cut out on all sides.  There is a full sized movie screen on a wall in one of the lofts, along with digital projection equipment and decent quality speakers. The lofts also have equipment for amplifying and mixing live music.  The acoustics of the barn are very interesting; the space holds sound well but the porous quality of the rough wood siding dampens reverberation. Underneath the bridgeway, between the two lofts, is an area where two former grain bins have been made into small rooms.  The ground floor of the barn is used for vehicles, tools, building supplies, and a workbench area.  

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