Barnball (or Smashball) is a very intense game that can only be played in one place in the world.  The action of barnball fully uses the immense three-dimensional volume of the barn.  It is a goal game like soccer or hockey, but each of the two teams competing stays on its half of the court, as with volleyball; (with one critical exception). The bridgeway separating the two former haylofts of the barn functions as a kind of volleyball net, except that balls can be launched over it or under it.  Four volleyballs are in play simultaneously.  A team scores one point every time a ball hits the back wall at the opposite side of the barn below a certain height. Balls that strike the opposing wall goal after sailing over the bridgeway earn two points.  Balls that go through a kind of basketball hoop mounted on each of the back walls are good for four points.  Team size is flexible; really, it can range from three to twelve or more.  The glaring exception referred to previously is the position of forward.  One player from each team occupies a box in the center of the opponent’s court.  Balls that are passed to the forward or that he/she intercepts make for easy scores, particularly hoop shots.