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So, here we are, all of us, facing our pandemic summer. Franklin Chthonics, obviously, will not be mounting our traditional events (Festival of Fire, Are You Goldsworthy?, Summer Games, and so on) but we can still be offering a means of escape from the city to our little community... for at least a few people at a time.  


The idea is that we can support camping and the use of our ponds, trails, and lots of space to small groups of people while maintaining appropriate distancing for all, including those of us in residence at the main house. 

For those low on cash, the possibility of a partial or total barter agreement can be considered… 


Franklin Chthonics has 3 different campsites available that can accommodate up to 4 people each.

With care and four-wheel-drive, both sites are accessible by car, or cars can be parked near the house and campers can be carried up by our vehicles.


Our traditional canvas walled tent located slightly uphill from the upper pond.

Includes queen-sized mattress and nightstands.

Solo Camper: $50 / day

2 Campers: $100 / day

3 Campers: $120 / day

4 Campers: $140 / day


Our new campsite is located in the woods on the edge of the “garden field” where we have just built a split-level, 16’ x 16’ platform. This site comes with a dome-type four-person tent.

Solo Camper: $50 / day

2 Campers: $100 / day

3 Campers: $120 / day

4 Campers: $140 / day

Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 9.29.32 PM.png

The Cabin's power source is solar and water source is spring-fed, with water filter. Complete with toilet, shower, working kitchen, one queen-sized bed, two twin-sized beds, dining table, indoor fireplace and deck furniture.

2 Campers: $200 / day

3 Campers: $250 / day

4 Campers: $300 / day


  • Outdoor Furniture such as lounge chairs, benches and tables

  • A fire-wheel with cooking grate

  • Cooking, serving and eating utensils and plates

  • Firewood and Starter

  • Butane burner and fuel

  • Use of up to two walkie-talkies for communicating with the house, coordinating use of facilities, particularly the upper pond where use may need to be lightly scheduled

  • Use of swimming ponds, rafts, kiosk, subject to scheduling, as mentioned above

  • Access to Fire Hut, for scheduled periods, if not occupied

  • Rustic out-house, including toilet paper & hand washing station

  • Filtered Drinking water 

  • Cooler and ice packs

  • Sleeping mats, based on availability 

  • Two solar-powered lanterns

  • Scheduled access to internet and cell phone use in the barn

  • Access to water-hose.

  • Map of property for locating miles of trails, beaver dam, stone quarry, Mazyrinth (with the option to compete in a summer-long, physically and mentally challenging game), and many other points of interest


  • Optional occasional lunches or suppers prepared at the house and delivered to the site. Available on a de jour, a la carte basis, usually for $7 to $12 per person.  May include things like cold noodles, smoked pork butt, gazpacho, Korean grilled chicken, Thai curry, and other established favorites.

  • Optional portable power pack for remote use/charging of appliances. An additional charge of $5 per day.



To book your camping weekend, fill out this form and we will get back to you as soon as we can!