Flag Maze Game

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Distributed over an acre of ground in the old maze are about one hundred concrete bases placed in a pattern derived from a map of the northern constellations.  These include over thirty triangular bases, each representing a constellation, and over 60 square bases, representing the midpoints of paths connecting the constellations.  Around this game board approximately three hundred small national flags are randomly stood up in small holes drilled into the concrete bases.  Three or four teams of players race around the maze trying to collect matching pairs or triples of flags, be they flags of France, Nepal, or Sao Tome & Principe.  This hectic phase of the game is basically a frenzied variation of “Concentration”, trying to remember where you saw something a little while ago.  After all the paired flags are collected by one team or another, 14 singleton flags remain that form the basis for three riddles.  In this more contemplative second part of the game, each team competes to solve these riddles, each of them based on some element shared by 4 of the flags or nations out of the 14 represented.  Of the two remaining flags/countries, one of them fits into all three of the riddle groups, and other one fits into none of them.