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In 2013 and 2014, in association with the Silent Barn Collective, Franklin Chthonics hosted a variation on Joestock, the Heptagames, which involves around a hundred participants, most of whom arrive and depart together in rented vans.  This larger number of people tends to make several of the Joestock games unwieldy, but these were replaced in the program by musical performances, the Walkabout game and other performances and installations.  Another innovation of Heptagames 2014 was the formation of rival tent villages in different sites that competed for the allegiance of participants.  These groups were the Uplanders, centered on the tent and kiosk pond, the Baba Yagas, based around the garden and zipline pond, and a breakaway group of Yagas, the Wood Goths, who established themselves in the hut.  Each tribe touted the superiority of its culture and offered small gifts and blandishments to win adherents.  The last event of Heptagames was a moment of decision, when, after final exhortations, each person chose to stand with one of these three bands.


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