The map shows around 270 acres, representing about half of the total area of Franklin Chthonics, including almost all of the old Reynolds farm, with its original house and barn, and a bit of the old Hunt farm.  The other half is the bulk of the Hunt farm, but without its farmhouse, which was separated from the property in the 60’s and sits on the Franklin road.  The Hunt barn burned down long ago.  (An abandoned tree nursery is now on the site of the vanished barn).  The main elements of the property off this map are roughly 175 acres of woodland, 100 acres of fields, and an abandoned bluestone quarry on the mountaintop at the center of the woods.  A figure-8 shaped, improved logging road provides access to the interior of these woods and the quarry.  There are many patches of wild leeks that we pick in the spring, but we don’t regularly have occasion to visit these areas beyond this map, primarily because it is a bit difficult to cross the creek south of our main house and barn without making a serious nearly mile-long detour to a bridge on the main road.  Arrows indicate the locations of the quarry, the main road, and the old Hunt barn site.  





Lower Pond


Fire Hut


Upper Pond

Tent Platform