The signature chthonic activity of winter is sledding, which as noted elsewhere, really requires at least 8 inches of snow depth to happen correctly.  The basis of Franklin Chthonic sledding is a 4 cycle snowmobile, a machine designed for work rather than thrills.  The snowmobile pulls a train of three heavy-duty toboggan-like plastic sleds to the top of three runs, along with a half-dozen, prone sledders and their sleds.  This uphill ride is fun in itself and strangely meditative.  The sled runs are up to a half-mile long and sledders can reach speeds close to 30 mph on their way down.  The most common sledding position is feet-first-on-one’s-back, luge-style.  Sledders steer by touching the surface of the snow with their hands to create resistance on one side or the other.  It is always satisfying to watch new participants develop technique, which usually takes a dozen runs or so, and see a sledding group’s skills coalesce into making entertaining races.