Upper Pond

















The upper pond has a boardwalk that wraps around half of its periphery and ends with an open pavilion built in an arts-and-crafts style.  The materials used for the kiosk are redwood and Douglas fir.  The pond is spring-fed and ringed with a fieldstone wall.  A large pinwheel-shaped raft with an open center is the platform for a game called “Watermelon Scrum”, in which players dive underneath the raft and wrestle for control of a watermelon.  The upper pond was made in the 60’s with a government subsidy provided to encourage creating water sources for fighting fires.  We altered the pond in one significant way, creating an outflow channel and an adjustable spillway that connected this formerly isolated, entirely spring-fed pond to our watershed.  A formerly muddy area became a defined extension of the pond that contributes running water to the stream (then Handsome Brook, then the Susquehanna River flowing to Chesapeake Bay).


Both ponds are stocked with largemouth bass.

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