Vortex Ball















Vortex is a team game that is designed as an improved alternative to “Capture the Flag”.  It is played in the new maze, the same site as Manhunt.  As in Capture the Flag, the field is divided by a line on the ground into two territories, each of which is a defensive zone for one team and an offensive zone for its opponent.  Each team defends a goal of about 200 square feet that is defined by a mesh fence about two feet high.  Every player starts the game with a nerf vortex football, which is like a large, plastic dart, and the object of the game is to get these vortex balls into the goal area.  Since the field is a warren of trees and openings with passageways, it is possible to pull the defenders attention away from the goal while an attack is made from another direction.  The ideal size of Vortex team is in the neighborhood of 12 players per side.