Franklin Chthonics is set, primarily, on a piece of land with its own small, coherent watershed.  Virtually every drop of rain that falls on its woods and fields makes its way to a stream that runs through the middle of the property, past the farmhouse and then to a larger creek that eventually flows into the Susquehanna River.  In addition to precipitation, this water system is fed by hundreds of springs, most of which only surface in wetter seasons but some of which are active at all times.  The main house water supply is provided by one such spring.  A major aspect of the chthonic program for this land has been to increase the visibility and the flow of water in this watershed.  In many areas where springs basically created muddy ground, the water was pooled and channeled into small, new watercourses that become self-sustaining and better defined with time.  The springs maintain about a half dozen small ponds in addition to the two larger ponds.  This incremental gathering and channeling of water has, perhaps, doubled the volume of water flowing to the creek from what it was in the 80’s.

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