Winter Games





































Winter Games, as noted, have not been regularly scheduled events, happening on short notice when conditions were right for sledding.  Chthonic sledding requires a minimum of about 8 inches of snow and temperatures at least a bit below freezing.  A typical winter, surprisingly, only provides these conditions for a few days and some winters fail to deliver them at all.  The sledding operation relies on a 4-cycle snowmobile that pulls a train of sleds carrying prone sledders and their sleds uphill to the top of one of three runs.  This opportunistic scheduling and the fact that the snow machine can only pull around seven sledders uphill at a time keeps the number of participants of winter games relatively small, usually 10 to 15 people.  Conditions suitable for ice skating on the ponds also occur erratically but we are currently taking steps to enhance and extend them.  We have scheduled a date for winter games for early February 2015, with prayers for proper weather conditions and plans for bonfires and bathing outside, as well as indoor games and eating if skating or sledding fail to materialize.