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Chthonic \ˈthä-nik\ : 

       A Greek word that refers to the minor, local earth gods residing at a    

       specific cave, spring, pond, or tree. 

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Maple Sap Reduction: Forty-Eight Hours of Fire
Maple Sap Reduction: Forty-Eight Hours of Fire
Mar 03, 2023, 5:00 PM
Franklin Chthonics
The Chthonic Project




The foundation of the project is to manage a sizable tract of rural land based on an appreciation of its particular character. The natural and social history of its fields, woods, waters, structures, is celebrated in the form of rituals. It is the breadth of this tract, almost a square mile, that raised questions about what it means to “own” land.


Out of this inquiry came the idea to create spaces and traditions to engage in primal activities like observing the sky, tending fires, stalking, picking flowers, swimming, foraging, watching animals, getting dirty, forming crews for work, and games, etc.


Another way to describe Franklin Chthonics is that it is a project for establishing traditions.


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